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Established for over twenty four years, Manchester Signs have steadily become one of the UK's most experienced sign makers.Today Manchester Signs Sign Makers are recognised as one of the leading sign companies in the UK designing, producing and installing a diverse range of signs for a wide variety of clients Manchester Signs are a family owned company and have a dedicated workforce. There are three main areas at Manchester Signs Signs limited; a retail division, a leisure division and commercial division.

The company has been divided into three areas to give the client the specialised field of service they require. We have an in-house corporate identity design system, and also have a one to one project manager to liase with you personally from start to finish of a project. Our main aim is to manufacture products of the very highest quality. Our ongoing capital investment in equipment ensures that our clients benefit from the latest innovations in modern technology.

These advantages enhance performance and reduce manufacturing costs, resulting in products that are good value for money and enables us to meet a client's specific order. Of equal importance is our focus on client care - we are committed to offering a first class installation and after care service. All production staff have been trained in-house to meet our company standard requirements.

Our Service

Design Design is complex and requires in put from the production and installation team in order to complete this stage and move onto the next. It not only requires an architect's knowledge of construction techniques, artist's sketches but also a graphic designers eye for detail and presentation.

Manchester Signs's experienced designers use the latest 3D CAD software to create visuals of designs, allowing you unparallel ability to view the final product accurately from any angle, making sure all our clients have a tangible feel to the final product. Software however is only a tool, the skill of the designer is of superior importance and Manchester Signs's ability to interpret ideas and produce stunning designs, within budget and delivering practical solutions is the key to our success. Production All production staff have been trained in-house to meet our company standard requirements. The team of stand builders at Manchester Signs take pride in their ability to construct the most elaborate of structures, using a mixture of traditional building skills and modern computer controlled construction methods. Techniques have been developed to ease installation, making your stand simple to transport and erect on site.

Time and time again. Installation Our fitting teams are highly experienced and skilled, ensuring a problem free installation. A job is worked on from start to finish and is over looked constantly by a project manager who keeps clients informed of the progress. We are international and can have staff installing all over the UK and Europe.

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