Safety Signs

Always at the cutting edge on the industry, Manchester Signs Signs have the latest computerised design and manufacturing machinery to produce cost-effective, high quality safety signage for all our clients.

Products include:
Floor stickers
Non-slip, self-adhesive material
Cost-effective graphic production for high volume national campaigns
Limitless creativity - any size, any shape
Affordable one-off graphics for 'local' or special promotions
High quality, highly durable images
Warranted durability
Fast, easy application and removal
Unique advertising opportunity at the point of purchase
Suitable for most floor surfaces*
High-impact graphics that 'break through the clutter

Industrial Signs

Labels, safety signs and product identification tags are just a few examples of products on offer to industry.

Specialist materials are used, such as metals designed to withstand high temperatures, plastic laminates for engraving and flexible domed labels. High bond double-sided tapes or screw holes are provided for easy and secure fastening.

Text and logos are added using traditional engraving and screen-printing techniques or by utilising more modern methods such as dye sublimation or heat transfer, which are capable of producing full colour images. The products on other are:

Safety signs
Floor stickers
Engraved or printed